BloodBeast For Your Infernal Consumption

by Occult Fan

you like me for how I make you wet with my teeth

in your mind between your legs and in your dreams

you lay splayed spread open on the altar

you call out to the moon that she deliver to you me

your face flushed by nightmares and lust

supple sweaty beauty craving her BloodBeast

travel with my blade slashing through the mirrormonsters

covered in their grit and gore and grime

I ascend the stairs in no time to climb

my gargoyle wings sheen me to you in time riotous clean

you are a pile of want and wet, and this night you will beget

the momentum of my victory the force and speed of my devil’s seed

it’s exactly where you need to be

from Sirius A to Sirius C

the time is ripe and so are we

burn and flow and glow with me, bay-bee