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Month: August, 2018


Interestingly enough, the elements studied for advanced nuclear physics one finds a triad set of elements which are named after the extended classical planets, being Uranus, first past Saturn, the original edge, then past Uranus (discovered by Herschel, hence the ‘H-like’ symbol used to portray it) to God of the Roman Seas Globewide, Neptune, a very Morphean figure, past that to the Triple Hades (or summat, while the Moon and Pluto are currently tri-day conjunct)… that is to Pluto which is the higher octave of Mars, some say, like Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, and finally Neptune being the higher octave of Venus.



Which leads one a la Twin Peaks: The Return (fabled/immortal/superb) Episode VIII. The fact that Gordon Cole has that as his main office art speaks volumes unto and further than itself. I’ll leave the interdimensional, past the edge/elements which tear holes in dimensions and such other hidden tech and spiritual matters to you to ponder for now.

I got idea, man. ^^


White Coral Islands In A Dark Blue Sea

Reading Charles Fort‘s ‘The Book of the Damned’ at the moment. I’m in love with his writing style, and his ability to construct allegory, and the vivid and popular-writing manner which he does so.

This is 1919 when the book was first published, the birthyear of my Father’s Father (Master Mason Harry LeRoy Foster out of Isaac Parker Lodge – born 3/3 that year), nearly one century ago almost now, yet the writing feels modern and the essence conveyed is immortal, eternal at the least…

He immediately stakes his claim and defines the margins through explaining these are the ideas that exist but get excluded, that like red to yellow on a scale, some data is more red or more yellow, but as orange exists, so do things in reality on a spectrum of real to more or less real, real being orange in general –

Science has, by appeal to various bases, included a multitude of data. Had it not done so, there would be nothing with which to seem to be. Science has, by appeal to various bases, excluded a multitude of data.


He claims that all energy moves in waves, like taoism, also says that there is a little bit of unreal in everything real, and a little bit of real in everything unreal. He even paraphrases Carroll


Or everything that is, won’t be. And everything that isn’t, will be— But, of course, will be that which won’t be—


Which if you know me gets big points almost every time.

So he goes on to say that


Our expression is that our whole existence is animation of the local by an ideal that is realizable only in the universal: That, if all exclusions are false, because always are included and excluded continuous: that if all seeming of existence perceptible to us is the product of exclusion, there is nothing that is perceptible to us that really is: that only the universal can really be.


That’s a profound statement, worth unpacking. Big table animism surely includes this as part of its modeling. This is also as above, so below, macro to microcosm – the continuity of being, a perceiver who is perceiving only being aware of such for he is perceiving others which perceive him perceiving as he perceives himself to do so – that kind of experience of mirrors, meaning, light, and eyes with minds and a world/body in which to reflect. It says so much more than just that of course.


That the state that is commonly and absurdly called “existence,” is a flow, or a current, or an attempt, from negativeness to positiveness, and is intermediate to both.


This is very tao as well. Just like the process of ‘creation/sustaining/decay/dormancy, often simply a triune of creation/sustaining/decay, repeat (as we see in the Zodiac, for example, as a pattern of life) which is the very warp and woof of our being here – something from nothing, striving to be that something, that current, that form or kind or typology, that essencia, and the eternal dance and game and symphony that it is a single phrase, note, tone, or movement in…. slowly to fade, fade away, back in the the ether or pure music of God itself… Very tao, and Fort‘s work is finding a home in my heart…

We must be singing in the same key, He and I. Or at least humming a similar tune.