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Master no Self

Month: September, 2018

Maitreya Fidelus Vividi├Žn

I am discovering that when I pay attention to my role in this world that there is indeed a hierarchy and if I am going to live my fullest purpose I must align my needs in my personality with the highest needs of the ‘white brotherhood’ hierarchy, so to speak.


Sludging Sun Swallows Skyline Saving Shades (teaser)







This is on my Alice

replaced her strings

usually I do them one at a time

today I just went with the flow and did all six at once

cleaned her up

it felt almost dirty when I had my hand in her

so then I put on all new strings

and instead of tuning her

I just played

and this is what came of it




giggity ~

Salvaging The Lost Quickening

thank you for kissing me

while you murder me

drag me under

ravage me with your teeth

my flesh shredded curtains in the wind

puncture marks and lesion divots glistening

under the waves

you make your mark

I want to feel you

when you are at your most





you trace a shadow silhouette

shimmering with a fervor petulant

no room in your heart for fear nor regret

take what you want and then you jet


foaming bubbles under darkness

Lady Jekyll, Missus Hyde

of the hissing lanterns and riddle tongue tide

as your savage my body

feast on my light

drag me down

in to your night

Cool Kids Playlist (Number 9)

Here’s nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine songz, yo.





















Kings Yonder Under Stylized Shoals

Learn to dance
Then you shall see
Rocks become Sky
Desert, libraries
karma soon unwound
or rather all fulfilled
trigger moment satisfied
sacred knowledge underhill


sitting under willow tree

her faint ghost shimmering

lapping waves tousle my hair

we were lovers in another life

all I can do is wait right here

to die beneath her branches

to seed my corpse in to her roots

Krishna’s Hand

the rays

of the ginger fingers

spraying light to rend the veil

where all motion steeps itself in the

stoppage of the ice

of the way


That which is in motion remains in motion

an autumn leaf

an orange sky

heaven above

and so within

the white of the apple seed’s core

fire and water

love and love

so always as was

and always shall

Shaman of the Now

Taoism. Dimensional connexion. Awakened back in to the shamanic class.

Pax Initiatannica

The two of swords represents ‘peace’ – Sep 21 is International Peace day – related to Libran energy and its function in our existence on this plane and others.