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Rich Nixon, UFOs, and Northwest Passages

In Gravity Falls Season 2 Episode 12 there is a portrait of Nixon in the high school classroom in which young Stanford Pines is being offered a chance to advance in life through using science (in his case, a perpetual motion machine).

Nixon is the subject of The Secret History of Twin Peaks, as well. Spoiler alert, he and Jackie Gleason are recounted by Mark Frost to, much like Robert Merrett, have been lead in underground tunnels for secret purposes.

FlashForward to Feb 2018 from TSHOTP’s publishing in October 2016, prior to the Twin Peaks: The Returns return in May 2017, Daniel Liszt, under his moniker Dark Journalist, has released a parallel tale as strange as both Twin Peaks and Gravity Falls, but it’s not a tv show, it’s actual reality.



All Now Here

let me sleep a million years

forget your daily frettery fears

yo’re all so plain mirror serpent queer

haven’t I been here, before?

which is it

the middle or the third or the first door

don’t be sore

we all whittle down

to which time’s age road’s leads us down


don’t frown




like it’s carved in to your right lovely little leg

and here we are

alive and bloody aware

and sweet

and still paddiddling the light from th out front light of the car

in front

coming at us








but here?


the dark


The Saints course began today over at Rune Soup.

I’ve just finished my first run-through of the material Gordon has presented us Runies. Immediately striking to me as magically useful is the ‘as-above-so-below’ microcosmic link of ‘imbued traits and resonances of power’ of how the saints are ‘used’, which are very much the same sort of alignment activation as the planetary hours or of say, a lunar or planetary alignment.

One wonders how this relates to the nature of humans and life events and the meaning of our lives at all?

Are certain people destined to become saints, and can we look at their star charts to witness this unfolding in their lives? Is this something of a reincarnation principle which activates such alignments on the higher dimensions?

The conception of a saint and a saint’s day as being analogous to the planetary movements is not to strip the humanity of the saint, rather it is to look at the humanity of us all and how we interact with these realms.

I am still fledging in my magical/holy practice. I still struggle with addiction to alcohol, which is classic behavior for a spiritual seeker, however I am immediately struck by the countenance of one Sevan Bomar… how I would consider him a saintly type in a way, just how he takes care of himself, doesn’t eat meat, isn’t addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Just one person who comes to mind.

I wonder what I will end up choosing to do? Will I control myself? Am I really here to escape the reincarnation cycle by making better choices this time around? Is this all that reality really is? I have been having more and more precognitive dreams recently.

It feels like the dream world and the … world world are being driven together.

I wonder if this is what happens when parallel universes collide?

I have been obsessed with the star Bellatrix in Orion, as I have come to learn she is in, and for those who are familiar with the popular Tim Burton Beetlejuice is actually referencing Bellatrix’s partner star in Orion Betelgeuse.


The saints are the stars which live most humanely on the earth plane, perhaps.

Laughter on the Wall (Sick Sleepers)

I find that I have nothing to say

read my words anyway

there is nothing that will come to you

you will live and age and then die too

all is the same and then nothing is true

and there is no waste and everything is good

and no one hurts and no one dies

and no one wastes the reader’s time

and no one hears a word I say

for there is no one reading anyways

with their tv eyes and their motel souls

and their horror at the sound of their own name

Won Now Won Now Won Now

enter the words

I, thee physixian

swarmflow warmglow

tallgrow smallhole

innertudes a platitath

rekzsxquithxiouth ran through the hollow

maripose quall srixviltillitutde

and now the algorithm is more complex

and now the night

is more tastey

and there are no here


only the nowscape

only th nowscape

only th now ~


the girl with the red hair wears a halfmask

her mark made warm lips clever girl grin

lick teeth shutterstock grey light fifty shades

crack of the whip electric ground up lightning

taught lean learn the red right hand branding

charging channels current courses are wide open

generation gamma rays the wind begins to climb

and climb

her smile is getting tighter and as her eyes

and her stomach is sliding lither

and her calves and wrists are tender

and her limbs are light as splendor

and her kingdom is coming to be crowning

our malkuths

every one of us comes

in her holy presence,


not just a holy artifact

but a living breathing process

which has already begun


the time

is come

The Star, The Moon, The Sun ~ A Comparative Literature Approach to Tarot to Bless Your Moon (2018) and Sun (2019), With Deep Gratitude to Star (2017)
































































































Fuckin Hai Fuckin ku

Imagine in your head’s ears Rick’s voice from Rick and Morty

he’s saying


Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas All!


Sharing the Christmas Spirit, current and past posts include








Carols of Christmas Communion



I done did it AGAINZ


last year it was https://occultfan.wordpress.com/2016/12/25/calligraphy-christmas-cards/


this year 6 songs for 6 people a piece/peace that makes 36 recipients this year


a little more focused, and if you didn’t make it this year, and you are interested in doing so, as one of our recipients MC Laubscher puts it; Focus on Relationship Capital, only just after your Mental Capital – Skills, and People Skills – just this focus alone is a gift to many, those who choose to innerstand what I have just spoken to. Grand Architect/God bless us all.


First up, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

this one goes out to a few personal friends… Jen… V… Jerry… Steven+James… Ryan… Mei

The Christmas Song –

I’ll expand on why sometime, but here’s to a few mentors of mine – Gordon White, Christopher Loring Knowles, MC Laubscher, Alex+Allyson Grey, Greg (WOS), and Scarlet Imprint


Jingle Bells –

A ‘spooky’ take on a ‘Christmas original’ (don’t ask insane Boston professors) actually written by a Jew (one quarter of me could have written it, but 100% of me kicked arse on this) so for our next 6: Merry Christmas to Dr. Joseph Farrell, Catherine Austin Fitts, my entire cotillion of Brother Masons (yes, Greg, Erik, Chris and more!!!), Michael Joseph, and Darren, and NoAgenda (Adam+John C!!! where the C stands for Carols of Christmas Communion) ~


Let It Snow –

Alright, well, our next six recipients are just as pell-mell seeming as the rest, but I love doing this and I love my fellow recipients of this song so here we go;

Katherine… Joey… Ash…CShell…Sam+Tom [Corvuses], Tracy

We Wish You A Merry Christmas –

Furthermore As I included my Brothers as a group, I wish the following three groups and three individuals a Very Merry Christmas and a Super Happy New Year~

Rune Soupers~ Gizars~ HighersideChatters … Obvious thanks to Greg (thanks for trying to find us weed in Hollywood! – we totally did anyways~), to my very good friend DaveDavid (we did it~!), and to Mitch Horowitz, for keeping me honest.

Winter Wonderland –

Just a final stretch of winners now… I love you, us, we all. So, in no particular aplomb apart from the aforementioned, a final six… here goes…

Susan (*) [so it goes…], Chris, Frater Xavier, Austin, Preston, and Charles.

Nate Foster/Nathan Lee Miller Foster/Occult Fan

Winter Solsticeish 2017

xoxo :3