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Integrated Physics

Nate Foster is

Blood & Lightning


Imagination For Rælity

fire takes this many beast of a seond

I am the starborn crucific and the bull lion aeon kachina cenury is a come upon us


get ya self togetha

ok and also

learn the stars



On The Right

Fuck all that stupid shit




The Stan’d

I am the dark light bearer

do you understand?

I am the vintage design

of the cosmic man


sirens sweetly singing

sucking Christos under

only Christos

Only Christos


b-coz of their sweet dementia

they were shifteded in to


a new dimension


Tracing a new roadback

to the new

revision of history

a rotten roman orgy of calligraphy and mathematics


what were thinking?

are you



Blood Design

I hate to admit it

yet I’m a killer in the mists

my throat growls at the serpentine

and the normal human

both piles of shit

the only one

to really kick

the jams out


the angeline

the ones who

you don’t believe

but you wish

I would join


I did

I am an angel

one of them

I will kill evil

to die for my skin

I won’t care

when I die

I did what I did by the virtue of light

all you are

is a theatre of lies

Left or Right

Thoughts on The Occult April 15, 2018

Our language reads to the right

to get ahead, just to be right ahead

is still… polarized towards favourable

you don’t want to be left behind

to be further away is where you left it

oh, nevermind, it’s right here, in my hand

can’t be closer than that, if I’m being open

penned in the great wide open, drops

to the ground where the space is closed

can’t move where it’s closed even in the open

it’s a bittersweet thing, am I right?

Subtle Star

subtle as the knife that we use to roam between starlight and shadows even on the otherside we are never far from home

And Where Are You Going?

I fell in love with her

but now I’m trying

to erase my mistake


she was the perfect one

according t0 all the



but now I’m not sure

if hers is the virtue

that will ever take


the light of the night

comes at your hard

and the moon is cold

as you know


from your birth

til your grave

you beg and

you praise


so what are you now


are you now

where are you?

The Peaceful; The Hateful

cointoss away from victory

what have you left but death or glory?

and when the sandman’s damn’d

last count of viscounts and beets

and cabbages and kings


some of the meager vehement bilge

others bulger debase and bend

far apart their own death warrant

from them is but not; on top

salvage sadists from their sanctimonious


reciprocation of the dark divide


and hear the holy tones of ones who worship

the triple goddess and the god divine


signs of mystery

legendary syzygy

the archetypes of

all mankind

the whole epitome

one human family

still we speak

as wine on the vine


hurry not

still clime

we find

treasure where we weren’t

inclined to drive


but now we are

stronger and high

and we are the

power of all-might


Bloodbath Medallion


your skin


muscle red revealing

now hold


up to the sun



Atlas doesn’t hold up the earth, you idiot

he holds the sky, the heavens

the firmament

knock knock

who’s there?


SHUT THE FRONT DOOR you fake project

NSA is the CIA is the FBI is dead values

hold a noose

let them suffocate

for every treachery

they’ve devalued

so drain the swamp

with your kachina

you know nothing of

the way

holding on so tight

to the secret night

you have nothing




sweet caroline

viable on the succle teet vine

fine wine

blood is so discursive and written in the white wide wind

what is sign

but succubus

and such nymphomaniac insomniac


hail crow and hail eagle and hail raven and hail hawk


so sell your soul to your higher purpose

and let Harold of the rocks the Porpoise

remain in light

head towards the light

we are the light