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Phasing Magnetic

Hey, I like you and

Where is this coming from

So we are going to do this

How is this happening

I’m going to be with you

But I don’t understand

All I want is you

But why?



she kisses my mouth

I lick her wet lips

she straddles my frame

I board her ship

she offers her soul

to bridge the darkrift

look in her eyes

is how I survive

First Picture of You



This evening I’ve joined the Rosicrucians.

I will begin my studies proper this Thursday evening.

My first Masonic ring (Solomon’s Ring) came today, as well.

As Lewis Carroll would write in his private diary (how things have changed!):

I mark this day with a white stone.

Joining York Rite soon, as well… my spiritual development is well under way.

Lulling Byes

so sing me to sleep

where this day I will die

soothe me like a mother

your sweet last lullaby

kiss me with care

it’s ok for us to cry

not everything is perfect dear

much less you, far less I

so bury me in roses

pearls, teeth, and sighs

underneath this burning birch

where many men have died

take me in your arms

bury me beneath these tides

swallow me corpse, ocean of dirt

your dark final lullaby

all I could want

is to be a mirror in your eyes

sing me your song

soothe me while I bye

Christmas Chai-Choos

bright eyes and wisdom

belie eternal lessons

that cannot be taught


first picture of you

maiden and muse to lure

ocean to the moon


child’s toy lantern

play of shimmering diamond

sparkles the water


am I tricksy fox?

or foxy trickster? DELIGHT!

all life is a dance!


wild traveler

high priestess who sees beyond

walls that fools do build


kind and so aware

when time shall come to have passed

from Ma’at will rise


no broken machine –

care to hear my Samwise voice?

-nods the head three times-


Hey! I’m walkin’ here!

no time to worry right now

too busy building!


I fell off flat earth

now let’s watch tentacle porn

it’s my pet chemtrail


daughter of the earth

in my smile the wild wood

know what lies below


my looks may deceive

though easy, to real eyes that see

I am made of light


darkness is my dance

in my shadows I entwine

I’ll take you under


I carry deep within

the nurturing wisdom of

ten thousand mothers


space is an altar

archetypes play the lyre

shine on, secret sun


her loving guidance

big sister does take my hand

teaches me deep strength

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Lily Foxy Tango

Just give me your shimmer

Just give me your shine

Just give my your love

Just one more time


I know that you hurt

I know that you cry

I know that I’d stop it

I know you won’t try


A faint desire is not the rude discourse of the forbidden

The fact you fail is in your foundation of acting victim

A strength you could possess if you only pried

The prison is a treasure chest it’s the same for you inside


And you’re fading


A sweet desire, the will to turn right and run

The truth you gave up on your own future’s vision

A loss that cannot be recovered, and never denied

The sweetness you killed in the mirror before your eyes


Just give me your shimmer

Just give me your shine

Just give my your love

Just one more time


I know that you hurt

I know that you cry

I know that I’d stop it

I know you won’t try


On Selling One’s Soul

I know there’s a funny little game (for fame) that I could play play play


But I’m really not that game game game game game


No shame for the hunted, but that life is too shunted I’d rather live free with a moral responsibility


than to give it all away for a price that’s insane