Occult Fan

Master no Self








my sweet kiss me with her blood lip

my nostril flare and I start to trip

colours bright and streaming swirl

what’s her body and what’s the world

freedom in her waters flight

space and gods and witches night

call the tune and bang the gong

blood lust and lust make for song

I am Invincible ~

To cast a spell

There is one minute left

I am invincible

There is no doubting that ~






Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Father had me listening to Full Moon Fever

Mother had me listening to Red Red Wine

I slit my throat like a Cuban Necktie


Father had me listening to Nevermind

Mother had me listening to All That She Wants

I felt the flames push my envelope away


Father had me listening to Electriclarryland

Mother had me listening to When Mermaids Cry

I erased the entire world with a razor acrost mine eye


And while I love Father, Mother, Mother, Father, they die

So too do I, my love, my children too

I still… am still… I still… listen to music.

Swelling the Bliss Towards Stitching A Smile Together (0404)

The rhythm of the blade

as it peels on my neck

the sweet charade

of keeping the blood in

all this time

I a mime

for the moon and

the Gaian clime

as we all are

Vitruvian slime

the cast-off renegades of

a more golden time

fuck all if I know

what machines built my mind

God only knows God’s God

if God’s God even has a mind




the embrace of my parents

when I was a child

it lasted

for such a short


and the cosmos

is so vast

almost cold

if I do not smile

cannot be trusted

if they say

they’re traitors

sad in

their bottomless


we in our light

and our foundations of signs

build past the desolators

and find right

in her prime

Fuck Me Lord

Strike me with your subtle essence

drive my nerves from the inside

way unto the light

be the hight might

I am the one who follows my own rabbit chasing the carrot on the end of the hangman’s noose when the end comes snapping down too soon


no doom

can stop us

no tomb

will hold us

we are


motherfuckers know it


now the light is shining over the mountain horizon two peaks stare thricing to the third eye owl higher than your sign in the wheel you think you belong to

but you are all along

just armageddon

singing an apocalypse song

so strong

your feminine might

will wash us clean

from indolence and fright

and all the massive machine gun dealers

will die by their own plight


The world is full of people writing about politics, spirituality, and their own personal selves, you am do it too.

So on my zen calendar today there is a quote asking ‘when will you begin the long journey inward’?

LK and I have been enjoying the release of our The Holy Gift podcast, and one of the evolving notions expressed is that of the Twin Spirals.

Now we can obviously see these are both syncenectard to DNA, as well as to the Kundalini as well as even warp/weave-or-pole/hole. Even daylight/dreamlight becomes the Twin Suns, polar-dynamos… left brain, right brain… Is each side of the brain writing one half of the story – and the lived experience is the ‘third eye’… but that there are two third eyes… [id/ego/superego?]

Just speculating there, but the ‘actual factual’ is the general sense that the answer is not necessarily ‘out there’ – never really is – but if you want to be ‘your best’ ‘out there’ spiraling out – you need to have your dark roots inner roots firmly entrenched in the gnosis of your own soul that you are capable of nourishing the branches of your spiraling out tree of self.


for if we do not


the bramble will kill

before the juice of the berry is sweet


so stiff spine suffer to savor

the sharp succor of the bramble’s kiss


Tend the Permaculture of Your Soul

begin to garden as a grand architect

know the warp and weave

wax and wane

wave with both arms

love without abandon

know your true purpose

if you are true, the end will be right

Flood Dance

Dance with you


under a water fall

blood pressure lower

than ever

we dance






Ho-Holy Now

the kiss of death is poison

unless it comes between my lipse with yr warm breath

then I will gladly accept

the throbbing neon kiss of death’s freedom

Now We Are Nothing


Break me

Break me open


Break me

Break me against the cragged rocks of yr soul

Crush me completely and utterly

without abandon

dark dusk crust cusp comes crushing on on on us now between

feel the hearth heat

the cringing friction of our filthy flesh frothing in-between


to me


with me

and die in between the breathing

with me

now we are nothing