Occult Fan

Master no Self


some times

the dark

just feels so right

even as

I hunt

for the light

try and care

as I might

plans tight

as broken locks

bodies broken

on the rocks

I haunt

for the light

some times

the dark

feels so right


Eyes Of The Sea

Note: I found this old emo poem, so here we go.


my eyes are

my eyes are hollow, and

and they are bleeding

my eyes are bleeding

the sweeping sea

can’t escape

can’t escape these

these haunting


I can’t see, no

I can’t be, no, and

my heart torn out

for all to see

just kiss me once

just once, it just may

just may be, if

touch, another’s touch

another’s touch will

could remind me, what

what it was

what it was like to be

loved – I once was, now

now that’s a dream, and


I can’t remember

I can hardly breathe

my bodies shaking, and

my soul is seized

I’m on the floor, with

with nobody, so

so cold and pale, I

I hear like I’m

under the sea, and

the nighttime roars, yea

the storm is blowing


in my door

no more

no more

no no more

no more

no more

no no more

just won’t be


I just can’t be

Psychotic Bereavement ~

I see your bitter testimony

the times you’re bent and hurt

I won’t take part in your gladfallensadness

I just

will move your body

til you feel real good

you are a woman

I am a man

and I’m your machine

I am a demigod


and for me you will come clean

Three Hares (Lucky)


Number three, Ricky –


This Steely Dan song off of Pretzel Logic (1974) begins using the sound of when the Lepus are about to attack… Chris L Knowles notes importance of opening tracks).


CERN etc spinning


water pot Solomon


dimensions veils glamours




demons? angels? aliens?


three rabbits multiplied


cube the equation


everything is illuminated


in this


unbearable lightness of being


when we’re spinning

Nate Is Link

I am the Link between ages

The rising phoenix of the morning’s tide

smile on my face

despite their lack of grace

I shall summon all

the holy forces to my rise

Blood Orchestra







Cigarette Dream








Today is the one year anniversary of my being Entered an Apprentice in Freemasonry.

One year later, my Father is beginning his Masonic journey as well.

There are no such thing(s) as coincidences.

Sacred Looks

the taste of your face

dripping down my skin

you are the world

that I am living in

through the dark and the light

through thick and thin

feathers drifting in the sunlight memories

making love like Armageddon

tryst on the cliff far above the jagged crag’d rocks

we thrust free, no need for locks when I’m in your heart shaped box

trust and passion and long-lived fidelity

a roses scent and a blossoming tree

the way that you talk, and how your shining eyes sing, secretly, just to me

a world of keys folden gold like ebony and ivory

celestial witness, my rescuer from purgatory

your love may alone be

why the devil will never ever get to me