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Six of Swords

Six of Swords



https://tarotbycecelia.com/2016/11/15/card-of-the-day-6-of-swords-wednesday-november-16-2016/ cool interpretation here


Mei Day (and TwinDoubleMore!)

So it turns out it’s my friend’s birthday today. She is also my mail carrier, readers of this blog shall know that. Well, I gave her her customary commemoration of gifts and cards and chocolate, and happened to have been talking with a few other friends and that it was her birthday came up, something hilarious then transpires as a friend who also works there at this store now, he says, oh it’s her birthday as well! and SHE says AND it’s hers as well! we’re twins! ^^

SO that was nice today – they gave ME a gift of a beer each, that was nice! so I’ll obviously be back over there in the next day or so to make sure their special day twinn’d is observed in due form as well, as is proper! or so it pleases me, which is more than enough, and quire proper in its own right. that is to say, Hobbits like giving gifts as much as they like receiving them, and that you can remember.

Happy Birthday to my three special friends! this 9/12… which is 9 and 3 and that is 3!


Something Funny Happened On The Way To The Other Dimension Via Portal 911

Ever notice how the old symbol for money in our country, not the corporation version, however that works, but the actual United States of America, shortcutted to US, a nice word unifying Americans as one… haven’t we been suffering a lack of that? Need we chaos to bring that Unity? The ritual done on 911 was to time symbology as the removal of the double-bar symbol for the US Dollar to the single line we have now –  $   –

This is the same thing that has happened with this iteration of the Universe in this newly impacted reality we share cosmogenically et onwards. It, a tapestry of enigmas always in flux, we, serially-sensorally receptive and dynamically-projective creatures of creation, thanks to the unified source of all things split in to two and then more and more for we are not so much particles as waves (waves hello!) and this is our form and this is our function…

that is to say we are manifesting via myriad syncs and influences and wills/whims (whim is an advanced form of will)… What I am wondering right now is the connection between the wormhole opened via the twin towers on the astral plane of human existence, right? coz what was taken had to be replaced! as above so below! 1947 was around the time Henry Wallace added the eye of providence to the dollar bill… in doing so he timetamped with mass consciousness (Eco) the 1947 summoning ritual of the atom bomb (Twin Peaks Ep 8 – famous enough to have Gordon Cole have it as his main office motif)…

So upsy daisy goes the smoke and just like in Mario Bros movie (Nostalgia Critic says BOO!) Judy Wood or otherwise, those towers… we just had to PULL IT. Let’s Roll. LET’S ROCK #FireWalkWithMe – and Flight 93 93/93, etc, etc… and those JFK syncs and links, as it goes but this one – this one was different. Sorta. I’m wondering if we can get a three pillar thing going on here, or hyper what more, or whatever, get me? The Golden Apple with a K rolling down the strip and water lined way to the Siren who patiently yet eagerly waits to infinitely jest the hours and lives and means and ways away…

O-K? The owls are not what they seem. Take heart, and take heed… but mostly take on me. Take… me… on! O-N. – – – – – – – – – that is to say, and I totally don’t agree with this and I will eat you alive if you even insinuate you are insinuating this, but one time at bandcamp I was told that I looked like James Spader, from Stargate. Now that is odd, I think his birthday is something significant (usually is with Hollywoowoos) (nice, I actually like a lot of movies but that just rolls off the tongue – which is also how they make in H… nevermind! ~)

SO as it were and is and shall be throughout all time until everything folds up and starts all over again, if that even happens, nothing is ever really ever is ending and – that’s how we are all in cycles – so it’s best for some to take their conscious control of cycles for the one mind is about the most potent thoughts and how those are created is multidimensional and everything is happening at once almost if you see the thing from the center dimension, but yeah, then you’d likely need an exorcism on this plane… haha! maybe not!

So there’s all that about the unifying of the opposites in to one focused shushumna, from ida and pingala… check… and the famous dimensional expose that was Summer et al of 1947, Parsonnage and Babylon not to be excluded, but perhaps at points exclusive… indeed the thunder rapture tearing hearts out of the midnightime desert sky and enter in to our world BOB and other such creatures of no Grecian Trviality… here they now are and now again with 911 we shall see the prophets speak in the tongues cut off from men and women in mass ritual casualty. the single eye sees all. for it is all we. it is you, and it is me.


But it really makes a hell of a heavenly story! Take some mushrooms, and now for the Doctor!

And I’ll note – that if this is how we use human energy in cyclically opposing circuits on a magimanifestical grid (hyperdimensional leylines) (see: correspondence/quantum entanglement or so=called)… using DMT (an endogenous substance in the mammalian human creature thing, that is to say, our brains produce it without prompting from external sources, assumedly or mythologically the pineal gland was much more developed in ‘better times’ and one can cultivate this just watch out for the pineal vampires coz those exist too, you want to hang out with the people who use dmt for good, so I say)…

That is to say that using it to unlock your mind in certain set and setting with particular intention can be like prying the opposing forces together and forming them in to one eye of the pillar of unification which energy circuits most efficaciously and beneficially to the system at work… imagine this on a mass-scale, all the humans enlightened… flowing, vibrating, compassionate… what would that look like?

So I say this… the eye on teh 1947 Wallace dollar now a single unified form from all the angels and angles and airwaves that is waves and wave forms and cymatics and maths and geometries and lights and sounds and vibrations and tones and meanings are all swept up and around in vast mechanical yet vibraintly flowing and dynimac whirlpools all cosmic lights and symphonies… now unified in to one manifest meeaning momentarily – the same thign happened to break the space/time continuum on 911, 2001.

But you know, that’s just like, an opinion, man. That it’s like DMT, the ritual, brah, brah, that it’s spacetime hijinks and or skill’d manipulation – who knows? who knows.

also prying open the third eye is the same idea, is what I’m saying. maybe we’ll all just go to the dimension ? sdrawkcab gnihtyreve erehW


X-Files 25

Today is the 25th anniversary of the Pilot of The X-Files.

This show is one of the most important in my life.

I used to watch the VHS tapes in the summer living in Minnesota with my dad.

Parents divorced right about the time The X-Files came out.

Just the year before, I think, dad left… years later to Eden Prairie.

So I have fond memories of first seeing ‘Ice’ (ep 8 or S 1)

the ‘pot-smoking baby-sitter’ (who taught us the Four F’s, natch!)

let us watch it, and boy-howdy, did it scare the shit out of me

ah trauma, ohhhh delicious delightful trauma… xoxoxo mon coeur…

ah but yes, watching it when I was … eight or nine, compared with

around thirteen to fifteen, in those summers, well, I was more prepared…

but still, Humbug scared the most piss out of me, my step-brother?

terrified of Flukeman. My brother Geoff Niles never really weighed in.

My favourite episodes were likely in those days to be…

Small Potatoes. DPO. Paper Hearts.* Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose. Shapes. and Pusher.

There are many others, including Squeeze/Tooms, Humbug (yes! of course it’s one!)

and speaking of I am one… Eve was another and Elegy…

I can’t really list them all… Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’ to even “Pilot’

and of COURSE Erlenmeyer Flask and Deep Throat… oh man…

So with much love and respect I dedicate today’s Occult Fan post

to one of my all-time favourite series… The X-Files.




*  I’m a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan! ^^

I’m a huge X-Files fan, as well – The X-Files is the ONLY series I’ve ever fan-fic’d. Truth. ^^



Chapter II of The Fellowship of the Ring begins at the same age point in life where I am, with regard to the date being the September the 23, of Frodo’s 34th year.

So in about two weeks, will be the day in my life which relates to this page 41 of my edition of TFOTR.

I am listening to mystical celtic music and reading this for the first time in my life in earnest. I believe I began and got to Tom Bombadil in fall of 2007, if not 2006.

Then I picked it up again when my Mom had surprised me with a set of the six books often referred to as a trilogy (they are in three physical copies to be sure).

Green, Red, then Blue… I like that. Has an old school Zelda Triforce vibe. I go for Green. Like an old, faded, dark green cloak, perhaps.

So to sum it up: I am getting this… sensations from the force, so to speak, like waves of meaning and synchronicity feel like they’re flowing through me… on I read! ^^

Cataclysm’s Eve

With her tender hand

And slender wrist

On arm with heart

Worn on her sleeve

Whispered with grace

A cemetery breeze

“This is the dawn


Screen shot 2018-09-07 at 6.08.10 PM

Pixies, Beer, Summer Nights.



You know what feels good?

Being young drunk and blasting Pixies in the summer without a care in the world.

And that will never stop being awesome. I mean, as you age, you just need to hit that sweet spot more … maturishlike, but yeah, rock and roll and good times will never die.










This wouldn’t be my blof and and it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add some music here, really… that’s what’s going on now – what’s weird is speaking of Pixies

Their original name was A Panoply of Pixies (Frank now also had his FB and the Catholics, follow the theme, Alice!)

They made great music, one after another, EP/album/album/album/album year after year after year.

Five years in a row, beginning with 1987 Come on Pilgrim, then the masterpiece Surfer Rosa in ’88, followed up by manicmashermaster Doolittle, and 1990 saw Bossanova, ending with 1991’s Trompe le Monde (fool the world) (JFK, etc).

coz Boston.

Then nothing!

and we all know they got back together around 2004, but did you know that reunion spawned the toxic bastardpiece ‘Bam Thwok’? WELL NOW YOU DO, SUCKAH!

and you can’t unhear it.










ok so then they toured but it was HO LEE SCHLITZ ten years after that partial unborn abortion in 2014 when we got Indie Cindy (released on April 19, the day of the Oklahoma City Bombing) – more here –






This album I waited in line for and have the official single Women of War which comes with the Record Store Day version, which happened to be that day in 2014. My lover at that time was a classically-trained opera singer. I still have her houndstooth scarf.

But trust me… she fit the sexy category… which is…







uh so yea after that a few years later in 2016 we get Head Carrier (praise be to The Holy Saint John the Baptist) ~


and that’s really it.


So Pixies and beer and summer and a youthful attitude will bring you to the stars and above and above. ^^

CricketWhisperShine (It’s Summertime -3)

Here’s three for these final three weeks of summer.


Modest Mouse ‘The World At Large’ … Why? ‘The moths beat themselves to death against the lights/adding their breeze to the summer nights’.



The Flaming Lips ‘It’s Summertime (Throbbing Orange Pallbearers)’ … Why? ‘It’s summertime’.



Porcupine Tree ‘Trains’ … Why? ‘Always the summers are slipping away’.



It’s summertime, a summernight, summerfadesaway

just as we all do, loves ^^


just as we all ~

Harewhip Threshfold (rebmemeR)

racing blood and faster streams dream little itty tricklets worshipping the fallen pasted’s screams

now harewhip threshfold rushing corners insect flesh annihilate open and closed borders

stick the whip and tourniquette and get sick in the pan

dance the brushfire missile madness

bomb the fuck out of tehran, japan

just gotta .. you know we got some you know






so sweat the sick breed holy when you sacrifice your mind

glory of the universe and killers of your kind

sleeping in the oil at the bottom of the vine

racing blood faster tricklets the steeple where the impaled rorschach winds


remember this time