Dancing With Death

This is the first blog I’ll be making available. It is long overdue.

I’ve a lot to say on what happens in this so-called three-dimensional reality. It’s time to let go of the charges holding my currents in the alienated wavelength. I embrace my compassion for my own point of view, I am aware I am made in the image of light, that light of the creator who speaks it in to existence. I am of no value but that of serving to remove suffering from this invalid existence of man and woman and suffering… there is a supreme higher deity, isn’t there?

I am not speaking to anyone when I say anything here, unless I say so – in which case, there’s a damn good reason for calling someone as a personal identity entity out. That is part and parcel of having Integrity. This life is meant to be lived with Integrity, no matter the odds, no matter the language, no matter the so-called definition. We all know what Integrity is, honorable, heroic, steadfast and true. And truth matters more than anything, even if this world is a dream, which it most certainly is.

I want to make sure I am writing JUST WHAT I am supposed to be writing, you know? Any yet, there is no real reason to do so. Why? Because I am a writær. I am the authær, I am the dræmer. I hold true to my instincts, to my feelings, the sensations and thoughts which run alternately through me, a Man, a Magician, a Musician, a philosopher. A student of zen, not ‘the way’.



A long life of experience is needed to begin to form a point of view. For some this is longer, for others this is a hard road of hell and self-abuse from patterns of behaviors which are maladaptive to the overall current situations in that particular’s morphic resonance field (MRF), much in debt to Rupert Sheldrake, the honorable man with the courage to spread a true theory in this world. with honor I pass along his theory and add or at least give in to it my take, here-in and on-going,

I give to you this thought- that sometimes it is that you are not the one to blame – sometimes you ARE surrounded by assholes, sometimes they are fearful bigots with no love for truth, no love for BEAUTY, AND THEREFORE NO RECOGNITION OF LOVE OR KINDNESS in their motive bank. Their fuel for being. What they are are painful and curious injured creatures of self-fulfilling prophecy waiting to be exploited and we aim to establish a world where that minimizes. Some laugh at this.

For they are the callous ones. Under pain of selfishness and hellacious mundanity they hold their self-importance so close to self-fulfilling prophecy they believe they themselves are of BETTER BLOOD THAN YOU and hold you in contempt – no matter what you do, how high you rise in that caste system, they will HATE YOU and hold you viable for DESTRUCTION.

now Ain’t that a bitch?

So what does this have to do with anything?

Good question loyal reader with such good looks and luminated fine intelligence…

We must begin to understand what reality is WHAT IT IS not that it is made of atoms or quarks or strings but that it is a conscious dream we all self-fulfillingly act out on that ‘GRAND STAGE OF BEING’ and yet, even as we DO NOT REINCARNATE but live and die and disappear, that is the strangest part of this all – that even though it’s really a GRAND FUCK IT, there is still something in being honorable and noble that holds such an appeal that one must forgive this seeker this perhaps one ‘veil of maya’ left-

That there is such a thing as a place amongst the stars for this hero, he who feels and intuits so much about this world, acting now upon it with his flame and heart and focus. Good night.