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The British Are Coming! The British (Came Too Soon) [Occult Fiction #1]

All’s well that ends well.

on this pernicious stage…

Here’s some ‘fun’ synchromysticism [astrotheological/astrohistorical analysis].

So here vee glow.

and we’re not gonna talk about Judy.

Doctor Joseph Warren is one of America’s most underknown heroes of the Revolutionary War, the war which is known historically as America’s War of Freedom and Independence from British Monarchic Rule/Crown Rule.

Both Dr Warren and I are Freemasons, and I value him as a Brother, while I Treasure him as a Patriot… a courageous man… a figure to live up to in my own personally-set life standards.

He was a humanitarian and was able to prevent smallpox from becoming a deadlier epidemic by helping cast broad a method of inoculation utilizing bits of string infected with the pustulous disease;

but we advance in rank of his life’s time to the point where he is known as the first real American casualty of the American Revolution.

Here’s where the sync-butter is now open on the table for you to spread on your wondertoast.

And here’s why… I’m a bit perplexed as to what to even think.

But… Warren. First American Hero.

Symbolic, eh?

Bostonian, no less. Famous for sending Revere AND Dawes on the ‘famous midnight rides’. Midnight and British to come soon… a warning sent out, The Lexington Alarm.

The War had in earnest begun with the words of Joseph Warren. He would die before the July 4, 1776* signing, but his blood was surely as much an admixture to that parchment’s ink as were any of the brave fighters who courageously lost their lives that others may live more free than not.

He prevented one British Invasion. With Another brave Bostonian’s death on 11/22/1963, a most wicked counterspell was cast and with it went the way of America, if it had slipped before with corruption, this truly was the portal gates wresting open.

JFK died. Shot. Murdered by the Men Who Killed Kennedy.

And we were to synchro-accept the INSULT to INJURY report. Named after, in curse effigy, of the original American hero. Don’t be fooled. The Warren Report is strictly symbolic, if not on the contents, than on the ‘front/face of it’.

Dig? Well, I don’t mind if you do or don’t. Them’s the facts, ma’am. (forty percent of this, eh?)

So as it were. I’ll cap this off (phrasing!) with how both Warren and Kennedy (God rest your heroic souls) were both ‘got in the head’. A head wound. Look in to that.

And what happened the next day/same day (time zones)? Doctor Who**, long/eternally-running ‘show’ which I’m not even going to get in to right now (but DON’T YOU DARE BLINK AND MISS THE JFK CONNEXIONS EVEN WITHIN THE SHOW ITSELF)…


and I’ll add some more midnight riders to this bill of passage (actually this link I have not really read, it looks like it could go either way – was looking for the Midnight Freemasons article on Doctor Who, but suffice to say, here’s something of potential relevant interest)¬†https://freshfromthequarry.com/2015/07/24/doctor-who-is-the-doctor-a-freemason/


Just remember – that’s DOCTOR Joseph Warren. God bless him and our Brothers and our families always.


Now I’m not associating Freemasonry with anything to do with anything besides Dr Warren and I are both FM and so too Doctor Who utilizes some symbolism related to St John’s Ambulance for instance, and it’s just a piece of correlating data without implying any cause nor relation. Just following the ripples by the light of skipping stone.

So then of course… the first time Warren was telling the truth and prevented a British invasion. Now the name Warren is associated with a lie, and the British pop media sends up a colourful flare declaring some symbiotic awareness on a sync level.



This was of course followed by The British Invasion.




*200 years later we get an album called ‘The Royal Scam’

**The War Doctor, get it? – Forget ye notte that mechanical robopuppy companion Nine-Eleven, I mean… K (eleventh letter of so-called English Alphabet) and niner niner niner is obvs a call-out synchromystically to the next ‘great tragedy’ in our country, where even some say Masonry itself was attacked, if you follow the Dr F/Bosley/Dark Journalist current on this one).


Glewcore Roc

long after the ember glew

trial by mercy and a skeleton crew

key to the guide of angels now

flickering in a gilded ghost field

strewn between the harvest livers

and the highly skilled mechanical sons

drawn upon the tracing boards

of seagulls and lost companions














across my back

and under

one knee

she threw me

for a loop


I heard her words as she

took me in

to her world

and then for three more

and then two more too many

in her stable

I was yearling buring

with electricity

straight from the horizon

we built her

temportaty wings

and I saw

I saw

and was in part

of her everything


the twilight dusk

doesn’t fall so well

within the south and western


and here we are

burning alive

one meal




and here we are


who knows









Apple of the Moon

apple of the moon

low shine ripples ripe waves on the

shores of your salty sweet fresh flesh

high on the ambition of the rhythm of your breath

salvation for the original sin

that broke from all to we

and here in the forest of the middle of the night

where in center hallowed grove womb

sits the lion, dances the unicorn

and silk shimmering

acrost the flesh

of the apple of the moon

Etruscan Notebook by Elena Clementelli

Cerverti Road:

over the drowsy voice of the pines

the long death contains stone words.

The secret language

slips on weapons,



and is gathered up by the sea

which alone can speak to the dead.

In the city of the dead

they tell tales of the living,

with discretion:

about us

and those to come,

heroes of a tradition always in the future

timeless gods.

The man who has bested time

has a different grammar,

therefore we do not comprehend

what the sea, only the sea understands.

To distract

restless curious boys

a dagger, a rope, a fan,

caved in the tufa.

by Elena Clementelli

The Penguin Book of Woman Poets

1978, 1989

Up From the Hunt Above

Thunderous the million hooves on hard cracked mesa plane

storms of sand occluding skies acrost barren terrain

terror in the hearts of men

matched by the fate of those that day

under the quatrain coloured stallion

trumpets and voids at bay

colloquially it was deemed

At Cataclysm’s Eve

but those who knew

and saw all who flew

yet were slain

knew that was the Heavenly Hunt,

that day

ok guys

I’m gonna use this occasion to level with you

even though I’m writing a book on them

and the amazing Holy Gift album


swimming in your pussy

your hor hearth death

is my acttviate

without collide

I am Dark Goliath

and I cleave your thighs


like a suicide


now baby

stop worrying

I am the

electric sheep

goats God on th’ whole




it don’t matter if yr heart is dead running

or if you’re

dead relaxed collapsed parallax

but fuck you

no more distractions

no more


of energy

lose that shit

from the being

I know what you are

take this



the only way

you can survive



aware of

the rainbow

in her own eyes

sightseeing for Christ













this comes back around again

time is changing your dna


and grow











Jim Jones and The Slit-Apart Care Bears

My precious dove

the garden of jewels

where we spent

our youth

shines harder

than the days

we should have


now known

yet the secret heart

that burns in youth

is never extinguished in us


at all

and the realm of the rainbow

belittles the rein’s bow

if you feel for your freedom

and courage

at all

and we do

as we are

and this is

one more song

in the long

line of triumph

comes before

us all

and we sing

one last line

as we bow and

say good night

to one another

in good cheer

as loving equals


and disappear ~ ^^