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Tarot: Types A et B

For some time I’ve been meaning to set this down for this is how it has come to be proven to me to be how it is.

In our Tarot tradition handed down from Visconti thru Marseilles thru the ‘great divide’ (great brewery!) between Crowley’s use of and AE Waite’s* use of the eight (VIII) and eleven (XI) cards has been distinguished across the landscape of commonality differences one finds.

Not so great is the confusion some have in their tradition of using wands as the wrong element in using it as aire, but that is true that if it works for their tradition just because it is not right in my tradition that does not make it untrue for them just for me and mine.

That said what I have come to find is that the proper way to use the numerology in tarot is not to switch the star and the emperor but rather to just observe the practice of setting the primary numerology of VIII to Justice/Adjustment and XI to Strength/Lust.

I use Waite names first in direct example abouve but numerologically I use Crowley first and indeed I find that this is the 8 = Justice / 11 = Strength to be the official Type A deck ordering.

That means Type B tarot decks are Strength = 8 / Justice = 11 makes a Type B. This is also seen in my personal collection of decks. While I have only two (II) Lenormand decks, I have eleven (Strength!) tarot decks.

Up until recently, not only my experience and channeling awarens me that Type A is 8 for Justice et but so too did the sheer popularity of using 8 for Justice et bourne out over my collection of what was prior to this Autumnal Equinox/My Birthday/Hobbit Day only nine decks but now is (suitably) eleven.

Let’s give a quick has to prove the point that before it was massively outnumbered to use the one Type A system but I happened to add two Type B decks to my collection at one time, still not equalling the amount which use A tarot Types.

Suffice to say without naming all the names, Crowley/Thoth decks, Sacred Rose Tarot, Wild Wood Tarot, Masonic Tarot, and Cosmic Tarot all use VIII as Justice and XI as Strength.

Three decks that use the Type B ordering are of course AE Waite (I use the Radiant edition), the Alice in Wonderland Tarot (which follows closely off of the former down to some strange details) and thirdly the Morgan-Greer is Type B in using Strength as VIII and Justice as XI. I’ll add a bonus I, a fourth, which is the Arthurian Tarot.

But bonus II, a sixth, is the Gareth Knight Tarot, my first real deck which I used to pray to Thoth before using is another reason why Type A is Justice as VIII and Strength as XI. So that’s just how it is! HaHA!


*(Rider/Smith’s as well)

You Do

I am the King of this Castle

of ivory and ebony and multifaceted megagems

of eternal Æthyer

and of orgasms and orgone and overocularorbitals

to feel her here

in this eternal youth

this forever spring

her lips usher forth bubbling brooks of tiny kisses that utterly cover me

my ÆthyerQueene

my fairy and real unicorn

my heart bursting blood pumping sexual flame

I am the King of the Castle

I am the Brahma of Her Love

Bleed of My Blood







Miller Foster

Nathan Lee Geoffrey Niles

Miller Foster


Miller Foster

Douglas Harry

Linda Lee

Miller Foster


Nathan Lee and Family

Roses Crosses SSkkuullss aanndd Bboonneess

What bears repeating is less real

than what spake once and was then


to the new age not new man nor womb man but








struggle to innerstand yet we get it completely



Support This Twin Peaks Tee-Shirt Campaign




eat at it good monketties


We Are One

I will kiss her

even when she’s paralyzed

frozen in the moment

of the electrifying vibrant

hold her erist

young supple and sane

hold her eyes

clear in to my own twane

the breadth between heaven and infinity

she is I

she is me

she is

we is we

is we





now now now

now now


and in to the future




this feeling consumes


for I am her

and she



The Challenge to the Status Quo (Space and God) A Vague Idea of Heaven

Let me make my self clear.

I do not think the world is round.

I do not think the world is flat.

I do not think there is a yes/no other. That is there is ONLY other, there is ONLY yes/no.


(both hemispheres must communicate male needs female to make an eight)

(sperm needs egg to make ya fate/face – no fakes)

and the rabbit in the moon with his immortal and pestle

ain’t landin’ there, but you think you fuckin’ know

at some level you’re conscious

but you are living in the dream

waiting for CERN to collapse the screen

bridge bridge bridge bridge

the gap, mind the gap


think we went to the moon

we landed on yesod


this is a manifestation reality

we are hard therefore the earth is hard

it is as we is





you can’t land on a luminary

nukes seem real

they really do, plenty

so I won’t won’t won’t won’t say no

but as far as the moon

like antarctica it’s one place we can’t go

go go go go go your self

go at it

get that goat

get that go at

with this half-form’d language




maybe – the – rune – which – English – is – made – from

Dugpa Donuts

Keeps the fearful runnin

shit fuck cock suck brain dead affinity malady

struck by the pavlov ringing in your reality

broke your concentration

you think you know who you are

the moon cannot be landed on

under the masonic moon music video

shows this very tried and true

but don’t blame the masons

the red nor the blue

blame your self

for being you

I am One

I was deeply abused

I am hyper-intelligent


Should be interesting


beating at your door at midnight

rain of ever pouring down

the sun will hide from us

until you do let me in

sweetness in your heart

finally you can see

just what it is to be me

I am the only one

left who can control

this self of mine

sweet you are to arouse your eros

towards my own prosaic museum of dreams

or was it the mausoleum echoing screams

those bodies ringing bells

still fresh and kicking

waiting for hungry new flesh to feed them

I am one

he is one

she is one

I am one

but never alone

for the trees

are a forest

and you are with me

I, Saviourre

All hail the SatanChrist

for I have found You

in my heart

ripped gaze past the veil

the piecemeal sensory

quarks for disturbing the microtubules

a canon of myst and mystery

I have no fear

this ego is nonexistent

no water for the drought in the desert

hold my hand that holds your heart and heal thy hatred

I physician

I monster

I cavalier

I saviourre

“…And Now For The Doctor”


This is a song I made – one of my earliest recordings, way back in the summer of ten years ago oh-six.

The pure angelicbeastialcarnation of it really sets a high example of how channeled and mightily massacaringly mutilatingly mellifluous my music


So do yourself a favor

listen to it

now and