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Master no Self

The Bear Strips Me Of My Flesh

the bear approaches me huge and brown furry and lumbering heat breath grunts grizzle spinal chills I feel nothing

I am calm

the bear approaches me and strips me of my flesh

he is me

the bear

I got the bear, and the bear got I

I Mercury Venus Mars Sol Lun Jupiter Saturn I

liquid chimney childhood dreams

liquid shimmery silky charms

liquid space ink lurvid diamond eyes for arms smoothing down to embrace you and carry you drifting up the moon’s eye

over the way

over the way

over the water

over the way

in to the mother of us all

the bear strips off my flesh

and heats it in milk and in simmery

she he it eats me it she he is me

the bear ravages my flesh

strips me of my flesh

takes me away from my own limitations

my burdens ne’er ending are ended and rend

cast from me in bones and runes a soup of mystery revealed

hold on to nothing

be as nothing

the bear removes my flesh

and I am a star





Chicks In Dungarees

See what I’m sayin’?, he chewed through the hot lit neon part of this cigarette, real grip, ‘n all saliva down the bleedstack, no need to tell me which way her wind is chosen, it’s all dark and bitter seas for she, all the while a lighthouse burns for her and she’s all little lost mermaid all giving birth to stones by the sea, while I, Siren, He, reckon with the ages and my blood and these tides which intergenerationally become significant through the unfolding and manifestational processes. See what I’m sayin’?

^ ^

Is Everyone Ok?

Is Everyone Out there Having Fun?

Is Everyone Loving Each Other?

Jinnfinite Iest

Io! Io! Panoply Of Pixies! William Burroughs Tell Apple To Hit The Bullseye In Dallas O Moon Lady Luna Celebrant ARISE

They threw me in to AA when I was little

Like 14, 15

I am grateful of course

this whole world is an AA meeting

the high

the low

the moron

the subtle

the pathetic

the hero

the pedantic

the brave

and the whole fuckin’ lot of ya

all of you




bing it, IO!

know that some are not human

hunan gourmet for some interdimensional

some are riders of the wyrm

I like the spice it’s nice and I get my share by thrice great athanor

for sure to fix the medium, to fix the gaze, to entrance medusa, middle america, med u s a

sax ophone my d i c k

i am bic pent a meter

the televison rapes us all

can’t spell FORTUNA without TAO

can’t spell CONSPIRACY without CIA

too human for human and human’s own good, ok? ok? OK?!

well shit get lit and hit let’s listen up

it prepared me for your lot


the ones filled with the whole holes of dark halls and nestor’s keys to the blank and broken kindgom

don the armageddon ring

force the light vix amulet

12 stones and the knuckle cracks the bone

21 to win done windows bow for the sight to hit the bull take it by the horns and wear a halo crown of thorns and break

the rake upon the moon and tear the fat from off the bones and throw it far from health and hazard throw it

far from hearth and home and hone the skills to wreck the weaponized reckoning of the new dominant ages

vix callimuth

the keys are cracking to the old

and the new is gold behold

I die too

I die too

we all die too

thanks AA

for preparing the way

It’s fuckin’ funny

who’s pocket

is hidden

in Who?

… And It Had Always Been That Way (Fomalhaut Rising, Chiron, Moon, and Uranus) … For That Way It Had Always Been …

and the weather changed again

and it had always been that way

The Foxtastic Mr Fan has a birth chart the same as mine, for he is me, and I am he, and this is it, for this… it be! ^^

President Of The Universe Got Boring So I Grabbed a Bong and a Blonde and Blintz and was on my Way… Spaceside, BAYBAY!

I’m writing this -now- for the Sun is in decan one of Pisces and if my astrological knowledge is to be worth a damn it bear need reveal take reflection and this bears repeating that it is self-relfexive so this is an occult art and is is one of the two oldest, Astrology and Arithmatique. Pretty! Ooo, shiny! Trivium and Quadrivium (purchase them from my mentor Jason Martineau) (and no, he doesn’t know I see him as such yet, but he will soon become aware, I’m quite sure of it now)… Anyway. Sans ‘S’. Anyway.

Alright Tallulah, I’ll tell you what. This here is a snap-shot of the sky RIGHT NOW o’er Bostonian Massachusenutts.

Notice how the Glyph for the sun

Is on the first chart at the Libra scales of 00 degrees. That indicates that Foxtastic Mr Fan is born on the Equinox. Right now, the Sun is in Pisces on the second chart. Right around 3 degrees.

So look back up at the first chart and you will see the Ascendant marked at 7 degrees, this in Pisces, this my rising star.

I’m a rising sign. Wait, that my rising sign, and I’m a rising star. Magnifique y Benefique y Sexyque ~ O, Oui! O, O, Oui Oui!

and such! so it looks like the Sun now, in Pisces, is fast approaching the Rising Sign Position in Foxtastic Mr Fan’s natal chart.

This Sun brings light and focus (note the dot at the center) and awareness and attention and here we are right now to!

I’m bringing attention to the rising sign in Foxtastic Mr Fan’s chart as well as the Sol’s position at 3 Pisces (at time of writing this now)

How we can see the degrees of the chart line up with the three decans of each of the 12 Zodiac.

Ok so from


is this quick and if ya like it pay them somethin’, will ya! And say nice things to them! Yay! Thank you for this! ^^

My Music Is Powerful and that’s my main gig. Fomalhaut on my rising by two degrees brings this quality to my overall being aye!


Ok So, I’m Sexy. As a bonus, here’s one of my favourite weapons from Final Fantasy XII – Fomalhaut ^^ https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Fomalhaut_(Final_Fantasy_XII)

As it is, I have some more info here for you about Fomalhaut, in the spirit of the light coming to illuminate these particular facts here now.

Thank you to Dark Star Astrology for letting me point readers in Their direction and for this fine gemacious interpretation now:

You will learn more by reading there, but to surmise to summarize to suffice now:

I have been going through a very hard time. My … relationship of two years. I’m single now. I wish my ex JJ the best. She’s very talented. Very funny. Sweet as and cute as a sugar button. I hold her in highest regards. As it is, it’s time to move on now, and yes.

Here’s some stuff from Dark Star, since I’m going to allow my emotions to blend in here. Ooo Nina, you KNOW I’m Feelin’ Good

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Nathan Lee


Learn To Burn In ATHANOR

If I were forming my administration

I’d stay aware of shadow. Most useful black ops get highest grants. I’m not in that position. Wouldn’t want to be. Majora’s Not.

See this is politic. But like, public wise, sure, what we need is educated citizens. And healthy ones. And spiritually connected to god (sans egregore). To challenge that military shadow.

Gotta face this fuckin shit. Fuck the faceless. Face those without souls. Fuck those who will shit on true education. Ain’t got no time for that shit at all baby. Hail Eris! Malaclypse! Get back in your cage! En.Ki. And I, a demigod NFLM, someFomalwhathaut movin’ through MY shadow. Black Book Jung.

Pusci-scent’d lies and misquote weave not here. Middle is unmolested. Harlequin Cosgrove. Mi fe fa Bab-a-lon and the Kings Of The Four Corners Will Hold Your Souls Only So Long. Trivium and Quadrivium let you be expressive, even for others that don’t matter to stumble all over as you dance and laugh and grow and play and rise up together with those who are of the highest quality and caliber.

I love you all. Humans are Community and Hugging and Loving And Stars Of Togetherness In Vibration.

All else is cuckoldry. No more lies. Fauxi is a Cuckold. Be Not Like Fauxi. Rise Together Facing Our Own Fears. UFO and Franklin Scan-doll listen Adam Curtis listen to Adam Curry there is a rising consciousness in these waves. Hit and Run the Cow Gut Mega Wave. We Didn’t Start The Fire. And You Will Never Put It Out. Learn To Burn In ATHANOR

Burn With Me In This Fire My Grieving Ghost

Fuck you I will not be silent. There are things of which I shall never speak. You will find me a grave man before I would. But of that which is of the lexical extruses, by all means… Roll them bones! Here we go;

I am finding my voice. Since you were at the Perfect Angle to cut me, of Dessicatia, Rodentia, vile vehemence at the pukestars portal, vix callimuth, alligressia. Now for the rest of us, well, it was the perfect kill. And I’m all about shedding the fleshgone, and coming back to life! And here’s where the Doomtrain is awakened.

Let us enter in to this New Age with a head held high and the bornless ones come upon and amongst and withthru us. For the Black Book is now come, past the Red, and instantly Jupiter and Mercury take flight and the Sun and The Moon and The Love of Aphrodite are all in me and I am laid my tracks to heaven. Those who carry my passage are safe within their our Sovereignty.

Servitude is a mathematical equation. There are multivalences. The Art card shows the forces above agree with the forces below. The one with the three with the one. The three with the one with the three. The trinity is the rabbit in the moon and my lion loins.

Suck the fabric of the universe between your tongue as it tickles your teeth. Try not to lick the screen. Fomalhaut Rising = Nathan Lee. Now back to our show, as this is the morning of Pisces.

Aw ya, eye me like you woke. Mmm. I know my kin. What’s up. Travelers of time and space, both genders, and others, coz it’s cool, and of all race, it’s like, Emerson spoke of having the best. I know you. Doin it.

So here we are. Ok. Like, my mind is organizing along faultines of geometric phalanx slipping between the moonlite portals, and as it is. Poets are sexy when they are me. Yes. That’s true!

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I Build My Castle Of Dragon’s Bones (gash one)

I Build My Castle Of Dragon’s Bones

I slay my fears

and build scaffolds to my dreams

Gods and Fools Laugh and Jeer

And I Kill Them And Use Their Ectoplasm

For My Mortar

Men Fear My Angels Bread

Know Me

I Am The Sinner Redeemed, Broken Blade Reforged I Bear

Across The Risin. Across The Risin.


I Am Only One And When I Am Done I Am Gone





I Am Nathan Lee



Know Me

I never take a slave nor bend the knee

I am the only God

I am the Only God

God Is Me

You Are Me

But Not Me

Do You See?

If It Were Clear

We Would Be Fucking Dead Already.







Now Hold Me



I am your servant

Fuck the illusioned

Fuck the disenchanted

Fuck the retrogrades

I am yours Gaia

Mother Deliver Me

Father Hold Me

Trinity Is Me

Bring ME

Now Deliver Me

Bring Me The Open Gate and NOW


















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Mope Poem

I hope you’re ok
I know you are
You slit my throat
You stole my voice
I hope you can
Live with yourself
After this
I hope
You’re ok
Like Liz Fraser headkicking
A girl down
The stairs
I hope you find sudden awareness
And that it
Gets you there
I hope
Yr Ok

Nate Nate’s Skanky Break Up Playlist

The Lotus Eaters – First Picture Of You (to be play’d first and at any time in between as many songs in-between thru-out) ~ *

Sonic Youth – StarPower

Wu-Tang feat Aesop Rock and Del The Funky Homosapien) – Preservation

ok now it gets into it – if you’re at this phase, this shit’s real – yr movin’ on and it’s you want the best for them they just lost out yo

Bonnie Tyler means it’s real. Though, I’m really keepin’ it together… “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”

MeatLoaf – I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)

Cindi Lauper – Time After Time

It’s ok to weep… then laugh! ^^ They should have listened to their heart before they said goodbye! Their loss, yo! ^^

Don Henley – The Boys Of Summer

Dio – Holy Diver

Prince – I Would Die 4 U

Bruce Springsteen – I’m On Fire

Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start The Fire

Frank Zappa – Broken Hearts Are For Assholes

Genesis – More Fool Me

James – Five-O

420 – Comets On Fire – ESP

Alright Bestially Celestial Darlings That’s It!

The Day After Saint Valentine’s Day, 2021

Led Zeppelin – Communication Breakdown is a totally optional, playable one time only as a preface! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkNl3pq1twE