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So I’ve had Ray Wise on my mind today. And as always, we know what that means.

Manifesty-time! So I search through every episode of Tim & Eric, and of them all I pick one that I hope will have him in it, no big deal, but HEL-LOO-OOO don’t you KNOW/GNOW that my secret wish was to see the ‘business hugs’ one… welp~




Episode 25 of Tim and Eric is syncing with the stories shown on Boston’s 7 news this evening between 4 and 5 pm/16 and 17 o’clock EST.

Specific as ‘Columbian criminals’

and ‘weird man trying to be friendly robbing house’

and a ‘Bush’ sync (not to mention the many episode 7 TPTR syncs as well ~)

And then a PEPE/frog sync.

Fo gigure~

xoxo :3

I Come Back

I come back to her

and she says please

Nathan Lee… please


I want to feel the rivulets of your spine

the unique smell of your breathe in the climbe

you know the sound you make when you’re just about ]-there-[

you know who makes you, again, and again


so come to me

as you are mine

indeed the reach

base of your spine

the mesh of nerves

mirror our lives

you belong to me

green yellow red light

Bark at the Moon

in observing the law of force of motion and sureness of path – the gun pointing statue in the office park indicates firm~ which is a standing wave – which determines absolutely the indeterminate wavelength about it – follow ‘Nude Dale’ of ‘Good Dale’ but ‘Reset Dale’ – Pure Mind Dale – Tabula Rasa Dale –

The way he works – following the pleasant – rejecting that which displeases him – he is Thelema Dale – oh yes – Chaos Magic Dale – oh yes – he is Taoist Magician Dale ~

at least foundationally

he has formation and ‘becoming a Magician’ to do – including how to be in the realm but not of the realm – his mind is a blessing/curse in this way – do you see?

do re-learn from a pure point of positioning – one supposes this is the ‘point’ of ‘orientation’ or ‘initiation’ where-in one then ‘truly sees’ from an ‘accurate angle’… that is to say … one is ‘born again’…

So get me here, that’s what his deal is after Naido resets herself – I have no idea how this is workin’ metaphysically but I’m workin’ at it. Coop chooses not to shock himself (as if he EVEN COULD – THIS IS HER BOX – seems that she is … regenerated but her mother is still coming but note the 15 to 3 please


15 is 6 twice 3

fifteen is a three part five

it reduces by a value reminiscent of itself – there are mysteries of the 15, the 3, the 5, the 6 here and more – ha yes not even going to mince that out but it’s learnin’ time, pappy ~

And this is the firm at which he works, as an agent. Which seems to be Cooper’s fate acrost the seas of dimensions, or rather, from the Lodge Realm/OtherWorld/Wonderland/Looking Glass Land [LGL], et –

Special Agent, he sure is ‘special’ as his firm (‘off in dreamland again, hey there Dougie?- quips the magical little tool/empathetic navigator/betamale caretaker figure who fetches Gopherwise yon suddenly-delicious-to-Frank-making-Nathan Lee-squee-everytime-we-sees-this-scene~

and of course just prior the ‘you owe me for covering your three day alleged bender’ (which ended, to be sure, as a genome evaporated and recycled back in to it’s incarnate parts – reminds me of the Celestine Prophecy – the soul as the little gold orb – and that was a genomic manufacture end-of-the-line-process we witnessed here

so let me try to explain this

Clone Dougie is Real Cooper

Dead Dougie (Dougie Jones) was a (Masonic? – that ring is significant re Secret History to Lewis and Clark/Manifest Destiny/Sinister Forces type spirits of place/history/metamind which we are all dreaming through now together collectively –

DD is actually either a sphere of the sephirot sacrificed (and regenerated) – or he is a golem-like ‘marker’ which apparently seems to be like Vivi in FFIX a living and existing/conscious Personhood-having Human (not to conflate humanity and personhood) – that is to say – it seems he had a grand function to serve – perhaps set in physical dimensional force by DoppleCooper (who goes to Beaulah and Otis, kills Ray and Daria) (Radar I A) – so there’s Good Dale coming from the ELECTRIC PORTAL

Nathan Lee/eel Electric – El / Elohim/ Electricity/Demiurgic insistance ? ? ? resistance?

magnetics? soul vortex? dimensions?


The glass box is a soul-magnet – and then Good Dale was sent by the Demiurgic/Qliphotic ‘TOL” to Da’Ath where he fell amongst interdimensional entities and discarnate stars (look guys, I’m still learning about all of this, but this is … this is all real – Danny Carey library kinda ishkabibble now)


so we’re traveling through the dimensions/realms/the pink milky mauve zone fluid – mother’s milk? intensity… there then the third eye is seen – the RED/BLUE same as the rejoinder of the electric call to the Lodge – but before was the ‘Purple Room’ (MAUVE ZONE) so anyways. Kinda wanna learn to control my mind more. This will make a lot more sense.


Control yourself that you may master your self.


Mark my words Twin Peaks is a Collective Group Unconsciousness Primal Psychic Scream

And It IS Happening Again

We are in it

of it

by it

through it

it will always be here

just as we always live there

When we visit

In our hearts

Just as Levenda

and Miller Foster

use ‘the feng shui of guanxi’

to poetically vincula le literary

so do we

see David Lynch, in Twin Peaks

with Michael Cera

and the buttery, juicy

Marlon Brando


so vice-reversal

we see the ability to Norman Mailer us up a

‘Come in Number 51, Your Time is Up’

but that’s too abstract for most of you, even as there are owls around now ~

by using these ‘tools’, there is a place in space/time we can return to


good art will always regenerate

ipso facto, Cagliostro

turn the magnifica

in on itself

and we become the directors

of the actors

of the planets of our will

long steps to sway with me

between both worlds

the mystery

of the woods

the lodge

the owls

the trees

is within


eeL nahtaN

As Icarus Claws

As Icarus claws

his way through mireous clay

forget your fearers

there are beasts to slay!

come o come I say come with me todaye

and we as we spiral infinitely laughing rolling

making this play

heart in the golden grand

the tonal notes of your spectrous eyes

in my mind

I love you

my shining


the truth is only what you hear


now I see you spinning listless in your own thread

waiting for my body to be your bed

to hold my phantom close your eager head

holocaust of my charms

burning as white seed

between the miles north of your knees

where we feel reeds

bending in the breeze

with 12 pale zig zag

sycamore trees


feel me

to feel her fingers around my throat

bleed, you will bleed

you will choke choke choke

cause the tiny mechagears which drive your heartened madness driven by lipid fears

to a rigid degree of mass armageddon and suicide of the oligarchy

the run of tries

the heart of blind

the cost of living

I am your death this life

now I am fire

now I am time


So it is in watching Jacques Vallee on ‘information’ needing to be rescued as the ‘lost sister’ to physics of energy which makes me wonder again about the two forms of creation – one where in God created the universe once and for all, and the other where God creates it moment to moment – where-in – is this the difference between a particle and a wave?

Fuck Me With A Knife Til I Succumb From Bloodloss

Is What You Will Name Your First Born Child

Inkblot Remixes

Hell Yes

Protected: Sigils I

Ode to Hekate

Praise be unto Hekate!

She who aided Persephone, in that wild chase through the bitter night

it was Hekate, goodely goddess with warm heart who wielded twin flames to light her way

Praise be unto you, Hekate, Triple Goddess of the three-fold moon!

Praise by and by, Hekate, Older than Zeus, Queen of the Night

My love unto you who dwells in Hades

O Fine Goddess, of three ways, white, black, and red

O mighty and formidable Deity

Ruler of the Underworld, hear me!

Kind and loving Hekate

white as the full moon, your image and beauty and magick I delight in

protecting as a mother, erotic as a virgin lover, Hekate

Hekate Hekate Hekate

Hekate Hekate Hekate

Hekate Hekate Hekate


Black as midnight on that moonless night

Bitter and fierce weeping angel Hekate

Destroyer of mine enemies, praise be unto thee, Lady Hekate!!

Hekate Hekate Hekate

Hekate Hekate Hekate

Hekate Hekate Hekate

Scorge-red martian dried-blood and iron Lordess of the Crossroads, HEKATE

where-in a man or woman may make a sacred pact with Old Scratch


Hekate Hekate Hekate

Hekate Hekate Hekate

Hekate Hekate Hekate

I sing in your honour and in your Queenly Noble Name

Praise by and by unto the keeper of the Black Dog, the Polecat of vermin’s bane

You are never scared, for your essence transmogrifies fear in to COURAGE

Hear me and my gifts of honey, honeyed wine, and sweetened sangre of mine own veins

Be always in allegiance to my highest and lowest and innermost aims!

Hekate! Take heed of my allegiance, for I already have felt yours

Hekate, destroyer of betrayers, eternally faitheful Queen of Night, of Witches

My own lover, in the astral realm, Hekate, Strength of the Anima, Pure

My love unto you, in this ode, yesterday, today, and forever on always, Hekate