Dream Panel

Future-panelists, thank you for reading. Your work is invaluable to this world and I for one thank you for all you have done. Please take a moment to consider what I am trying to convey here. You have done so much, yet the world is still ‘affected’. There is more to do, and I think, the answer lay in this panel, at least, in part, in getting these fine minds and selfless souls together that we might ‘divine’ the True Path forward. This can be done, and if we want to help ‘save our world’, it Must be done. I hope you take my meaning.

The idea is to get the juggernauts of the alternative community together to discuss a cross-section between spirituality, magic, and alternative research/history. That’s the short and quick of it. Thank you for taking your time to read this. It might not appear as such, but this took quite a bit of work for me to put together. I continue to work at it – I’ve shared it with most of the members included in this list. My intentions are in short the true and full liberation of humanity. If that sounds massive, well, it is, but if a thing is to be done, well, it is to be done. I hope and trust this makes sense. In even more short form –

If reality is manifesting magically and if spiritual forces are real, this surely should be our focus, and if things change only from that perspective, truly, from an inside-out, this is the way to really put the pieces together, to make the subject of the massive labor and love and agony that so many of the authors/researchers included here-in have been seeking with all their soul’s might. Truly.

We all know Catherine Austin Fitts herself has survived by the grace of what she has termed Higher spiritual protection, and it is in this zeitgeist which we find the importance of bringing such minds and capabilities together. This is to manifest a true working active knowing and practice which the alternative community and any others who start to ‘wake up’ will make use of to help in the ultimate aim of learning the truth in the first place – to reclaim our power and freedom in this life – We needn’t merely imagine much longer.

I also add that we all know of the ‘meditating for peace’ experiment which calmed the Israeli city – you can find a quick descriptor here – Our combined human creative Intention is a huge reason why this panel will be monumental. This will require that each of the groups, say, the ‘alt-historians’ will need to learn the basics of say, ceremonial magic, which is not necessarily culturally specific, and also the basics of the tree of life/qabalah. These topics are of course useful for any to learn, and we again realize the actual Creative power for in a sense, we are all a ‘shard’ of the Creator, so in this life we are Creator, Creating as we Are. I trust this makes sense and you are able to see the connections.

Dream panel… An all-star cast of the alt-community, the ‘fringe’ as it were, the researchers of ‘deep truth’, each with varying strong points and unique experiences, the distilled potency of which ingredients may be combined to form a recipe for success – To bring together a panel of whom I would, if with a clear head and sights set on the highest/best information to be gleaned would, as far as spiritual/reality manners are concerned, would do to be asked specific questions and weighed one against/with the other, and we speak directly of matters such as

What spirits are?

How are we affected in interacting with them?

What is magic?

What are frequencies? Elements? Elementals? Consciousness?

How are rituals used to elevate one’s consciousness in being able to handle magic?

Are we all one, even, are spirits distant parts of self?

What is prophecy? How does it work? Are there any prescient prophecies for this current time of 2016?

How can we contact ancestors if we reincarnate?

How does mind manifest reality?

Most importantly is using the combined skill-sets to manifest a  working model to banish the archonic forces, to, as Silvie Ivanowa puts it “Make  the collective human body inhospitable to these parasites”…  If  evil exists to teach us a  lesson,  let us with the finest minds of our time finally learn it  completely.


So here’s our ‘no-holds-barred’ panel of people I would peruse the pontifications of.

First but not least,

Dr. Joseph Farrell – He has a deep knowledge of spiritual histories, political history, and writes extensively on pedagogy, if that is the right word.


Catherine Austin Fitts – Personal experience with being protected by spiritual forces after coming from a lifestyle where she was surrounded by those consumed by what I can only deem ‘evil forces’. A powerful thinker, a brilliant mind, and a wonderful warm soul.


Peter Levenda – Writes extensively on spiritual forces and has personal experience, a first-hand gnosis of ‘others’ and, from his Whitley Streiber interview, seems to agree that one must take caution with such forces – questions areas of importance concern what these entities are, how magic works, what may we say is our role as human in this?


James Evans Bomar III aka Sevan Bomar – A modern evolution of a spiritual man of many sources, he espouses that all is Self, and has a very positive and hopeful (for this writer) outlook on existence – question of importance deal with how do these forces exist, what can be done to use magic safely, and how magic works form his perspective.


Gordon White – A chaos magician a la Austin O Spare, a sort of younger more Aussie-went-to-Briton version of Dr. Farrell (though perhaps neither would ever admit it!), his knowledge and speculation of all things novel and conspiratorial and magic is most pleasurable to partake in at his rune soup blog. Questions of importance concern how magic works, what forces are used in doing so, how one can be safe in keeping agency as a being in such times.


The same questions posed to one Secret Sun blog author Chris Knowles, also of Massachusetts (as your dear author here is as well), he masterfully breaks down pop-culture, our modern mythos which impacts us in our cellular memories as myths of the past (Carroll/Dodgson, Ovid, Dickins, etc) was part of spinning the web of reality in those times – questions to do with the ‘nine would be posed to Levenda Knowles and White, especially).


Mark Passio – He certainly has experience most-intense of experiencing entities and those who make use of a left-hand path. He does good work on sovereighty in general and is a powerful, clear voice when it comes to self-assertion and self-power.




There are more and this post is subject to being updated.

Those I would go to for consultation as to whom else to bring ‘to the table’ include Greg ‘The Carlwood’ Carlwood. He has a wide-swatch of ‘conspiracy awareness’ and just… he GETS IT. I love that, words ‘fail me’ and I must emphasize the experiential over a semiot. New words! They serve me, too! – Carlwood would be great to ask ‘well who else do you think we should include here’ and due to his charming and friendly oh so affable personality is well-suited to draw out the water from the well, if I may, if that’s even right, from such enlightened minds, however, I seem to be doing just fine – he WILL make a damn fine host to open/close ceremonies however…


Many of you are not familiar with the works of some of the others on here – that is to the great detriment of the furthering of our species to sovereignty from the wicked forces which seek to deceive us and to keep us enmeshed in systems oppressive. Again we return to how the sum of the whole is much greater than the parts, but nothing without all of the parts working at their optimum as individuals first. The next individual is an artist and he draws some stunning conclusions, but we must recall that we are MANIFESTING this reality and so to tread lightly. He would certainly do well to learn of the greater body of researchers included already here-in, just as those here-in prior would do well to learn a bit of what he has to offer.

Certainly as Peter Levenda has informed us on multiple occasions and Gordon White speaks of as well, too does Alan Moore, that we can, like Grant Morrison with his Invisibles, that somehow, art creates reality in many cases, like the Titanic, like the Texas tower, like JFK… So we tread lightly.


  • this part has been deleted for the time being due to the implications of perpetuating such a prophecy based upon analysis of kabbalistic numerology which has shown events like Texas tower shooting, Titanic, JFK tragedy, that I find unaccpetable to post at this time for I do not wish to allow this idea to gain momentum to perpetuate, however it may already be quantum entangled, it also MAY NOT and we ought move forward in either case – upon request it may be made available, however I am not sure on this one – again, note the question above ‘how does mind manifest reality’ – this must be taken with gravity, again, this is treading lightly



Perhaps also Silvie Ivanowa for her Alternative History to put this in to some perspective and her massive experience with the ‘others’/’alien invaders’/archonic parasites and her experience with ayahuasca…

Indeed she is proving to be a MUST – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdbB6lbI5tc&list=PLJk0yT4erxuSEyHu-0wfUQ0WulbjtWJOu

One other name very important to add to the list is Alan Moore, magician, writer, mystic, and in my heart, a saint; (despite only hardly knowing his work, I resonate (resonators, THAT’S the word – ) He would absolutely be necessary to have as a person to ask about such things.


I realize this is seemingly ambitious, in terms, and if it is, that is because it ought be, it must be, to take on the task of monumental terms before us. Yet is is completely in our combined capabilities if we should choose to dedicate ourselves to this. It is a human problem, and it is the very one which each of your live’s work has been preparing you for.

Some points may not be agreed upon, especially related to the mechanisms of mentalism, or perhaps on certain beliefs in the chronology of history, but that is the point of this very convening. This must be done to clear the cobwebs, first the talents must be combined, and then any dissonance may be tempered.

Again, this might not be all so light. Perhaps the planet must cleanse? Or is it a design of ‘wetiko’ ‘archonic parasites’ ‘alien invaders’? The point is to find out how to nullify ‘their’ designs – to make our collective human body inhospitable to their virus, as Silvie put it on Carlwood’s THC+ program. We know this is possible, and if taken seriously enough, this will be achieved. It may require changing our behaviors and attitudes we may find, from the minutiae to the great. Even what we eat and find acceptable to eat comes in to play.


From a Transcendental Meditation perspective perhaps David Lynch, accomplished film-maker, personal inspiration, would be good to bring in. Perhaps he is aware that he is channeling, that is what TM is about after all.

Honorable mentions go to Alan Watts.

One might bring Dr. Eben Alexander on board (panel!) as well. For obvious reasons concerning his post-consciousness experience which holds a grand claim which lines up it seems like, with all-religions, and even Sevan Bomar’s take on reality.

Perhaps someone from the witchcraft community might be proper to bring on board (aye aye!) as well, Mike/Phil/Uncle Birch comes to mind.


and like Greg Carlwood, I think Daniel Liszt a.k.a. Dark Journalist and Linda Moulton Howe perhaps. She has a vast amount of experience with the crop circles strangeness and is vastly empathetic, and Daniel is like Greg in knowing an encyclopedic amount of information of the ‘wide-top-down-perspective’ and knows the connections like Greg does.



That does it. If you’re interested in seeing this come to light as I am quickly coming to, then I will set up an indiegogo for this and see if we can get a place where these magnificent minds may meet and answers can be gleaned far BEFORE October 4 2016 – for I think there’s something to certain prophecy. Skype helps enormously, and perhaps I’ll have to carry out these interviews myself, but on an individual basis that simply will not do. One of the first tasks at hand is to discover the most-fitting geographical point for convening, and then to see what the collective panel’s schedules are like to fit this in to the appropriate time. To those who cannot make it physically due to continental travel for example, skyping in may be acceptable, but why take the risk of any interference, is but one reason for convening in person in-total.

other random thoughts include, as this is a real-time working model

Perhaps a qabalist expert who can discern what the tree of life paths can tell us about this,

Same goes for a chinese ‘i-ching’ expert who can explain similarly/parallel meanings as well, even Chinese prophecy, and for the qabalist, hebraic prophecy?

Same for Indian/Native American/Tibetan/Shamanistic – same questions…



When you choose to reach me, most of you already have been in communiqué already, here still is my e-mail which I will respond as promptly as possible: occultfan@gmail.com

That’s all for now. I love you all. You keep on trying, do your best, become free as free can be and do good things every day. It’s a positive fibonacci spiral staircase for your soul to climb. Use magic wisely with this in mind.

I love you.

Nathan Miller Foster

a.k.a. Occult Fan

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